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Rom J Leg Med22(4)243-244(2014)
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Accidental radiographic finding of a maxillofacial gunshot injury. A case report

S. Rao, D. D. D. , A. A. A. K. , R. Ramakrishnaiah

Abstract: Shotgun wounds may result in calamitous functional and aesthetic effects for patients. There is no concord in terms of removing or retaining shot gun pellets. In this article, we are reporting a case of an unusual radiographic finding of gunshot wound of a 65 year old female patient who came for the routine dental checkup. Incidentally, a panoramic radiograph revealed a metallic foreign body in the left maxillofacial complex. Anamnestic data revealed that a shot from the air gun hit her left cheek almost 35 years back. Pellets were still present in the maxillofacial region without the patient experiencing any pathological signs or symptoms.
Keywords: air gun, pellets, ballistics, foreign body.

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