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Rom J Leg Med22(4)233-236(2014)
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Asphyxia death caused by epiglottic abscess rupture in an adult: A case report

Y. Cao, Y. Yu, X. Gao, H. Jin, M. Lu, D. Gong, F. Huang,

Abstract: We report a case of Asphyxia death caused by epiglottic abscess rupture. Patient was initially managed as acute epiglottis with parenteral antibiotics, about two hours later, the patient died with bleeding from his nose and mouth. In this case, the patient exhibited a hemorrhage at the top of the epiglottic abscess by the abscess surface mucosa rupture (0.5cm×0.1cm). We reviewed this case with respect to the autopsy findings, pathological changes and circumstantial correlations of the investigation.
Keywords: epiglottic abscess, asphyxia death, autopsy, forensic pathology.

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