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Rom J Leg Med22(2)119-120(2014)
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Transfusion care of patients with established anti-C Willis red blood cell alloantibody

N. Bujandric, J. Grujic

Abstract: Anti-C Willis antibody (anti-CW) production could occur in response to the presence of CW antigen (CWAg) on the membranes of donor red blood cells (RBCs). Identification of antibodies requires the reagent RBCs panel which includes CWAg-positive RBCs. Although anti-CW has the potential to cause mild to severe immediate or delayed haemolytic transfusion reactions there is currently limited literature related to the best transfusion management of this patients. We report different approaches to successful transfusion care of two patients with chronic renal failure with established anti-CW after they were transfused with Rh and Kell blood group phenotype-compatible RBCs units. Anti-human globulin cross-match was used to find compatible blood units in case with single antibody. For patient with multiple antibodies, screening for CW antigen-negative RBCs units was included in pretransfusion testing.
Keywords: blood grouping and crossmatching, isoantibodies, transfusion reaction, blood group incompatibility, blood component transfusion.

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