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Rom J Leg Med22(2)117-118(2014)
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Titanium in stomach contents – does it provide useful information for forensic diagnosis?

H. Kinoshita, N. Tanaka, M. Kumihashi, M. Jamal, A. Takakura, T. Umemoto, K. Tsutsui, K. Ameno

Abstract: We applied energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (EDX) in a case of drug overdose. Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and headspace gas chromatography analysis showed that concentrations of levomepromazine, promethazine, and ethanol in femoral blood were 3.74 μg/ml, 8.24 μg/ml, and 1.18 mg/ml, respectively. We concluded that the cause of death was central nervous system depression resulting from the combined effects of levomepromazine, promethazine, and ethanol. Elemental analysis by EDX identified a high peak for titanium in the stomach contents. This titanium seems to be derived from pharmaceutical additives in the ingested tablets. Our results indicate that screening of stomach contents by EDX provides useful information for forensic diagnosis.
Keywords: X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy (EDX), toxicological screening, titanium.

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