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Rom J Leg Med22(2)81-84(2014)
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Death from a special mechanical asphyxia during suspect restraint: A case report

H. Pan, Y. Lv, H. Zhang, A. Xue, L. Chen

Abstract: We report a case of custody death caused by a special mechanical asphyxia. The criminal suspect, who was later found to be unconscious and died, underwent a physical conflict during his arrest. In this case, the suspect exhibited a hemorrhage at the base of the tongue (4 cm × 2cm × 0.3 cm) caused by neck over-stretching. We reviewed this case with respect to the autopsy findings, pathological changes, the specific scene where the death took place and circumstantial correlations of the investigation.
Keywords: mechanical asphyxia, custody restraint position, prone position, autopsy, forensic pathology.

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