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Rom J Leg Med22(1)69-80(2014)
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Perenity of phenotype changes undergone by neuronal structures inside human superior cervical sympathetic ganglion. Implications in pathology

G. S. Drăgoi, P. R. Melinte, D. Marinescu, I. Dincă, M. M. Botoran

Abstract: The authors proposed themselves to review the problems regarding the structural stability of neuronal sympathetic ganglia in humans. The use of reduced silver nitrate Nonidez’s block method allowed the visualization and evaluation of the following processes inside adult superior cervical sympathetic ganglion: neurons phenotype changes, heterogeneous space distribution of axons, dendrites and lipofuscine granulations, neuronal apoptosis and variable neurovascular relations. The authors consider that considering the apoptosis process, the perenity of phenotype changes undergone by neuronal structures is determined in adult individuals by the presence of stem-like cells migrated from neural crest to dendrites glomerular compartments. Psychopathologic conditions are equally discussed.
Keywords: human superior cervical sympathetic ganglion, apoptosis, axonal and dendrites glomeruli, regenesis, stemlike cells.

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