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Rom J Leg Med22(1)55-58(2014)
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Body packers in Mauritius

S. K. Gungadin, S. Ananda

Abstract: Body packing is the term used for the intracorporeal concealment of illicit drugs and body packers are persons who, voluntarily or through coercion, swallow, or insert drug-filled packets into a body cavity, generally in an attempt to smuggle them across secure borders. Though this practice is not new, its medical complications have always been a matter of concern. Some have reported improved packaging methods to deal with such complications. Body packing is an on-going drug smuggling method and authorities across the world are always on the alert. Here we describe a retrospective study on illicit drug trafficking, via body packing, in the Republic of Mauritius. The investigation has focused on the criminal and forensic aspects of body packing. As far as we know, this is the first report in forensic literature concerning body packing in Mauritius.
Keywords: body packing, forensic medicine, Mauritius.

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