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Rom J Leg Med22(1)51-54(2014)
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Medical and legal aspects of elderly patients with dementia

A. Capisizu, S. M. Aurelian, C. Bogdan

Abstract: The past 50 years is witness to a continuous process of demographic transition that affecting both developed countries and developing. World's population is aging and ageing itself is a triumph of our times, a reflection of improving overall health, hygiene and socio-economic development. On the other hand, the alarming rise in the percentage of elderly in the total population has generated problems with consequences reflected national and individual level. Alzheimer disease and other dementias represent a major public health burden associated with aging and will generate important social, economic and medical problems. For those patients it is necessary to assure the equitable access to medical care and treatment, the respect of patient’s dignity, the support in struggling against the stigmatization, protection against any abuse. Age is the most frequently mentioned reason for discrimination in Europe and applies especially to old age. The existence of abuse at the elderly, especially to those very dependent, like patients with dementia, is well documented being a major concern and a subject for action in the EU.
Keywords: dementia, elderly, protection

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