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Rom J Leg Med22(1)41-44(2014)
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Intraventricular tumors - silent or noisy cerebral pathology?

I. Buraga, G. Mihailescu, R. B. Ciurea, R. M. Anton

Abstract: Intraventricular tumors are a rare cerebral pathology, often with a silent clinical evolution, diagnosed incidentally during cerebral imaging techniques (CT, MRI) while looking for other diseases, or diagnosed per se if they have a noisy evolution due to local complications. It is difficult to establish their etiology using indirect signs – localization, density, intensity, vascularization, other characteristics, and patient’s age. The purpose of this article is to present a case of silent intraventricular tumor, discovered incidentally during a CT for a suspicion of acute ischemic stroke, and to summarize the medical legal consequences of this pathology.
Keywords: intraventricular, tumor, etiology, ependymoma, silent, MRI

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