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Rom J Leg Med22(1)35-40(2014)
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Nonorganic hearing loss. Malingering, factitious or conversion disorder?

M. G. Georgescu, C. I. Stan, A. N. Marinescu, D. L. Păun,

Abstract: This paper aims to draw attention on the diagnostic of nonorganic hearing loss. It is a common diagnostic present mostly in children with apparent sudden sensorineural hearing loss and in adults who intentionally or not claim to have a hearing problem.
Material and methods. Two case-reports of nonorganic hearing loss - an adult male patient who complains of left ear hearing loss after a physical aggression – head trauma in the left temporal region and an eight years-old boy with school problems who thought he had a hearing problem. Both patients were sent for audiological evaluation in the ENT Institute. Discrepancy between pure tone audiometry and speech test determined the audiologist to extend the audiological evaluation with objective methods – acoustic immitance, otoacoustic emissions and auditory brainstem response.
Results. Objective audiological examination revealed normal hearing in the both ears in both patients.
Conclusions. Uncommon informal behavior as well as discrepancies between different tests should suggest a nonorganic hearing loss which must be completely evaluated. Electrophysiologic methods are most used nowadays in these patients.
Keywords: nonorganic hearing loss, malingering hearing loss, factitious hearing loss, objective audiology.

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