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Rom J Leg Med22(1)5-7(2014)
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An unusual fatal injury due to tyre blast

B. Kumral, A. Avşar, Y. Büyük, C. Göktürk, B. Şam

Abstract: Injuries caused by exploding tyres during servicing can be seen as direct injuries caused by metal rim fragments and barotraumas as a result of high pressures. This destructive potential has received little attention in the medical literature. It has implications in terms of workplace safety as well.
An 18-years old mechanic was fatally injured by exploding of the tyre during servicing. The pressure generated during inflating a truck tyre struck the tyre directly to the chest and abdominal region of the victim, and the victim had also been blown to the nearby mirror of the lorry. He died upon admission to emergency. Medico-legal autopsy showed multiple internal organ lacerations and rupture of the aorta.
Keywords: trauma, tyre, blast injuries, tyre-blast injuries, aort rupture, autopsy.

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