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Rom J Leg Med21(4)281-286(2013)
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Usefulness of Fibronectin and P-selectin as markers for vital reaction in uncontrolled conditions

C. O. Capatina, M. Ceau┼ču, S. Hostiuc

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to analyze the usefulness of fibronectin and P-selectin in detecting the vitality of the wounds in everyday legal medicine practice, in uncontrolled conditions, and to see whether they can be used for estimating the age of the lesions. We used 17 cases with a short interval from the production of the wounds to death. On the integuments studied from the cases selected in the interest group, fibronectin (FbN) was positive at the dermis - epidermis junction relatively frequently, in the superficial dermis focally and in the deep dermis peri-axially (sudoriparous glands, sebaceous glands) with a sometimes marked reaction; it was also interstitially positive around hemorrhagic areas in the hypodermic conjunctive and adipose tissue. P-selectin (CD-62P) was positive variably and focally in the extracellular matrix and the vessels, with a low intensity and a fibrillar pattern. The P-selectin expression in the extracellular matrix was equal to the P-selectin expression in the capillaries.Between the expression Fb and CD-62-P and the postmortem interval there was no correlation.The fibroblasts in the extracellular matrix showed variable positivity. For forensic practice the usefulness of fibronectin and P-selectin is debatable. If they are very useful in detecting the vitality of the wound, for estimating the age there is a need for a much larger scale study, that must take into consideration factors like CPR, individual pathologies, and so on.The two used antibodies have a moderate sensitivity and low specificity, and as such they have to always be correlated with the Perls staining, and in a histopathological context only.
Keywords: P-selectin, postmortem interval, Fibronectin.

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