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Rom J Leg Med21(4)275-280(2013)
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The role of stimulant designer drug consumption in three fatal cases in South-East Hungary in 2011

A. R. Tóth, K. Kovács, Z. Árok, T. Varga

Abstract: The role of stimulant designer drug consumption has been investigated in three fatal cases. In Case 1 the fatal outcome can be attributed to the come down phase following their application, as the blood and urine concentration of the designer drugs was low. In the second case arrhythmogenic effect of methylone was added to the right ventricular arrhythmogenic dysplasia of the patient and these two factors could lead to death. The suicide case (Case 3) was probably the consequence of the withdrawal effect of MDPV (methylenedioxypyrovalerone). The aim of this issue was to focus on some questions of forensic importance that arose in three autopsy cases where the consumption of amphetamine-like designer drugs could play a role in the fatal outcome.
Keywords: amphetamine-like designer drugs, fatal cases, autopsy, GC-MS analysis.

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