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Rom J Leg Med21(4)259-262(2013)
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Application of trace element measurement for diagnosis of metabolic disorders

J. Kaminiwa, K. Honda, A. Kurosu, T. Nishi, Y. Sugano, S. Yano

Abstract: This study was to determine the feasibility of using potentiometric stripping analysis (PSA) to measure serum levels of copper, lead, and zinc in elderly subjects with metabolic disorders (hyperglycemia, hypertriglyceridemia, and hypercholesterolemia). Furthermore, we investigated the relationship between serum trace elements and lipid and glucose levels in these patients. There was a strong correlation between serum copper and lead levels in all subjects. Copper levels were significantly higher in subjects with elevated triglycerides and cholesterol, but not blood sugar. Serum zinc concentrations were elevated in hyperglycemic subjects, suggesting a correlation between blood sugar and serum zinc levels. Patients with increased levels of lead and copper, but decreased levels of zinc, had hypertriglyceridemia or hypercholesterolemia. Patients with high levels of zinc, but low levels of lead and copper, were hyperglycemic. These results showed that serum copper and lead levels have important diagnostic value for assessing metabolic disorder and related disease.
These methods presented here were applicable for the cause of death diagnosis in medico-legal autopsy.
Keywords: copper, zinc, lead, glucose, lipid, PSA, ION 3.

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