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Rom J Leg Med21(1)55-66(2013)
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The paradigm of cingulate cortex globalization. Psychopathologic and forensic implications

G. S. Dragoi, P. R. Melinte, L. Radu, O. Buda

Abstract: The authors made a macro anatomic analysis of the variable landmarks on the medial face of 32 cerebral hemispheres in order to evaluate the identity of gyrus cinguli and its origin from the surrounding neuronal cortical and subcortical structures. In the history of knowledge, gyrus cinguli belonged successively to: “the great limbic lobe” (Broca, 1878); rhinencephalon (Turner, 1890); limbic system (Papez, 1937; Mac Lean 1954; Nauta, 1958); “cortical-hippocampus loop” (Miller, 1991). Nowadays the limbic paradigm is abandoned and since 1962 Kuhn has considered the limbic system obsolete. Based on personal observations, the authors bring anatomic arguments to sustain the globalization paradigm for cingular cortex. Knowing the variable landmarks is necessary for reconsidering the identity and origin of gyrus cinguli regarding the surrounding neuronal structures and for understanding the connection derangements in general and forensic psychopathology
Keywords: gyrus cinguli, limbic system, globalization paradigm for gyrus cinguli, passage crease.

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