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Rom J Leg Med21(2)105-110(2013)
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Forensic ramifications in diagnosing and treating high forms of the Hirschsprung’s disease

R. Spataru, A. Sirbu, D. Sirbu

Abstract: High forms of congenital megacolon sometimes present with an atypical clinical picture, as the irigographic exam gives inconclusive results. In case one is not familiar with the specific aspects of these cases, or does not observe the diagnosis protocols from medical literature, this could lead to serious diagnosis errors and repeated surgeries; this in turn will result in prolonged hospitalization and increased suffering for children, with negative ramifications on faeces continence. We present four specific cases of high form congenital megacolon, that were successfully dealt with in the Pediatric Surgery Clinic of the "M.S. Curie" Emergency Clinical Children's Hospital in Bucharest, in the last 5 years, after serious initial diagnosis errors that were followed by severe complications and prolonged hospitalization.
Keywords: Hirschsprung disease, high form congenital aganglionosis, intestinal obstruction, sphincteral incontinence

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