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Rom J Leg Med21(3)245-248(2013)
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Non-CODIS DNA markers could be more effective than CODISbased STRs in problematic biological relationship cases

C. Tsai, C. Yang, S. Chou, S. Cheng, C. Pai

Abstract: Short tandem repeat (STR) markers are used worldwide for forensic and paternity identification purposes. It has been proven that a commercial STR kit joined with supplemental STR loci will strengthen the power of resolving complex paternity cases. In the past years, we encountered two rare and difficult family relationship cases; CODIS-based commercial kits were initially used, but failed. We thus employed additional non-CODIS loci and finally resolved the cases. A total of 40 STRs, 13 CODIS and 27 non-CODIS, were profiled using an ABI 3130 Genetic Analyzer. In the two cases, the exclusionary events and percentage obtained from the non-CODIS markers were 9 (33%, out of 27 in case 1) and 18 (also 33%, out of 54 in case 2). Statistical results revealed that the non-CODIS STRs were significantly informative than the CODIS in identifying problematic kinship cases, and that the high case-resolving capability of the non-CODIS was irrelevant to repeat motif composition of STRs. Four index measures, heterozygosity rate, power of exclusion, power of discrimination, and polymorphism information content, were evaluated for the usefulness of both categories, also implying that the non-CODIS seemed to be more available than the CODIS. Our findings are in concordance with a previous research that the 13 core CODIS STRs are not sufficient to definitively differentiate between pairs of close relatives and may lead to false inclusions. The result, an indispensable system of the non- CODIS, could provide a reference for resolving similar complex relationship cases.
Keywords: short tandem repeats (STRs), CODIS, non-CODIS, difficult family relationship testing.

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