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Rom J Leg Med21(3)225-236(2013)
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Applied Gestaltism for the study and evaluation of structures inside Subcortical Neuronal System

G. Dragoi, P. Melinte, L. Radu, O. Buda

Abstract: Based on the gestalt theory, the authors elaborated a new concept of functional and structural neuroanatomy named as “subcortical neuronal system”. The study was achieved on adult, embryo, fetus and new born encephalon pre or post fixed in saline (10% and 5%) formaldehyde solutions. Visualization, analysis and evaluation of subcortical neuronal system structures were carried out on serried frontal, sagittal and horizontal sections through long time fixed encephalon. Based on personal observations, the authors include two subsystems into subcortical neuronal system: the subsystem of nuclei from the base of encephalon (striatum, globus pallidus, nucleus subthalamicus, substantia nigra and nucleus accumbens) and the subsystem of connection interfaces (thalamus, amygdala, nucleus ruber and motor and premotor cerebral cortex). The authors sustain the involvement of subcortical neuronal system structures in regulation of stereotype movements and in knowledge and behavioral processes.
Keywords: gestaltism, basal nuclei, subcortical neuronal system, connection interface.

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