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Rom J Leg Med21(3)215-218(2013)
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Medical-legal identification methods with the aid of cheiloscopy

M. F. Popa, C. Stefanescu, P. Corici

Abstract: Detailed investigations regarding the measuring of lips, their color and differentiation between the color left by lipstick and a blood stain are very useful information for the criminal investigations. It was observed that the lip prints that were impregnated with lipstick are different from person to person. The cheiloscopy techniques have equal valor with other legal medicine techniques in the field of person identification. The subjects involved in this study were 100 subjects, students from the Dental Medicine Faculty of Constanţa, with ages between 24 and 37 years old. Sex ratio was equal, and the duration of the study was 24 month. Subjects showing inflammations, malformations, surgical scars or any other lips associated pathology were excluded.In this study, the upper lip is characterized by the predominance of type III model (45.17%), followed by type II (25%), type IV (17.5), type I (8.79%), type I’ (2%) and type V (1.54%). This hierarchy is different for the lower lip, where type III is more predominant, respective as 51.67%. Next is type IV (17.38%), type II (12.83%), type I’ (3.08%), type I (1.63%). Lip prints are unique for each individual, the sex identification for the person involved from medical-legal point of view is rather easy due to the clear differences between the sexes. The upper lip has similarities for both sexes, as type III is prevalent and lower lip is different from the labial grooves percentage for the females, where type II is prevalent, and type I for males.
Keywords: medical-legal identification, cheiloscopy, labial prints.

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