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Rom J Leg Med21(3)207-214(2013)
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Thoracic aorta dissection - assessment of aortic adventitia involvement

M. Popescu, D. Butcovan, R. Folescu, A. Motoc, C. Zamfir

Abstract: Dissection of thoracic aorta is the major detectable complication, given the fact that usually the pathology of this aortic segment is asymptomatic, progressing slowly and represents a life-threatening condition, due to its particular amplitude. In this highly impredictible event, mostly associated with increasing age, particularly for the descending aorta,the aortic wall strength becomes exceeded and is followed by a dissection or a severe rupture, closely related to sudden death. All three distinct components of the aortic wall, intima, media and adventitia are affected by the vascular rupture, the vascular smooth muscle cells and the elastic fibers from the media being the most active in reconfigurating the aortic design. Although the intima and the media were usually incriminated as the major factors responsible for the aortic vulnerability, a new perspective about the adventitial vasa vasorum has to be taken into account- this is in fact not a minor but a redoubtable participant especially in the prevalent with age vascular pathology. Our study was focused on the distribution of thoracic aorta vasa vasorum in normal state at different ages and in aortic dissection in aged people, in order to identify a possible medial ascent , triggering the vascular wall alteration. The transmural extensiontion of the aortic vasa vasorum, extremely reduced , was not significant to allow as to correlate the current day profile of thoracic aorta dissection with the adventitial involvement.
Keywords: thoracic aorta, aneurysm, dissection, sudden death, vasa vasorum.

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