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Rom J Leg Med21(3)201-206(2013)
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Partial androgen insensitivity syndrome. Multidisciplinary approach - genetic, endocrinological, surgical, psychological, psychiatric, social, ethical and forensic

R. Spataru, G. Costea, L. Spiridon, C. Procopiuc, N. Dumitriu, D. G. Sirbu, A. Sirbu, M. Ivanov, I. Dan

Abstract: The partial androgen insensitivity syndrome is a particular form of sexual ambiguity. In these cases, accurately assigning the legal gender at birth has major repercussions on all aspects of the ontogenic personality development. The surgical treatment is differentiated by phenotypic appearance, sexual identity and legal gender; furthermore, the surgical therapeutic decision depends on the outcome of clinical/ psychiatric and psychological assessments; thus, a multidisciplinary approach of these cases is required.
Keywords: androgen insensitivity syndrome, Reifenstein syndrome, severe hypospadias, sexual identity, passive aggression.

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