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Rom J Leg Med21(3)169-172(2013)
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Possible death mechanisms other than respiratory asphyxia in a suicidal hanging case

M. Arslan, D. Melez, H. Gulbeyaz, B. Hosukler, B. Sam, S. Koc

Abstract: Hanging is the most common suicide method that has seen in the routine autopsy practice. Known mechanisms of death include asphyxiation due to airway obstruction, cerebral ischemia due to arterial blockage, vagal inhibition (reflex cardiac arrest) due to carotid sinus compression, congestion due to venous blockage, fractures in cervical vertebral column with the cord injury. A 84 year-old man with totally laryngectomy found hanging from a tree in the garden of his house, and referred to Council of Forensic Medicine to determine cause of death. On the autopsy upper airway found to be ligatured from the level of hypopharynx. Case has been breathing via laryngectomy hole on his neck before suicide attempt. Case has been determined to be an interesting example for mechanism of death other than respiratory asphyxia in hanging cases.
Keywords: hanging, totally laryngectomy, mechanism of death.

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