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Rom J Leg Med21(2)155-160(2013)
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Profile of persons involved in traffic accidents in Romania

D. Minca, F. Furtunescu, G. Calinoiu, C. Domnariu, R. Costea

Abstract: Background: Romania had in 2010 the highest fatality by traffic accidents in EU and the lowest progress in reducing the traffic deaths during the decade 2001 – 2010 (3% decrease). Objective: Our study aimed to present the profile of persons involved in traffic accident in Romania during 2005– 2010. Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was performed. The profile of persons involved in traffic accidents was analyzed globally and by subgroups, considering the injury type and the road user. The main data source was the electronic database of Road Police Directorate. Results: Globally, 344467 persons were involved in traffic accidents during the study period, from which 4.7% died, 13.2% were seriously injured and 39.9% had slight injuries. 75% of the persons involved in traffic accidents were males. 9.1% of the victims were children, 83.8% were adults and 7% elderly. Globally, half of the persons wore safety equipments (seat belt, helmet and child safety seats).. Conclusion: Too many persons are involved in traffic accident in Romania, and too many of them still die or are seriously injured, as a consequence of a traffic accident. The decreasing trend registered in European Union is not visible in our country. Undertaking the EU legislation is not enough for reducing the deaths and injuries by traffic accidents and a coordinated national strategy is necessary for halving the traffic deaths in the next decade, 2011 – 2020.
Keywords: traffic accidents, dead, severely injured, slightly injured, drivers, car occupants, pedestrians.

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