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Rom J Leg Med21(2)149-154(2013)
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Public health aspects in medico-legal imaging

A. Cucu, O. Girjoaba

Abstract: In the context of extensive use of ionising radiation procedures for diagnostic and treatment, medical exposures are becoming one of the main source of radiation exposure. The medico legal exposures, or forensic radiology, application list is also expanding. But, this special category of ionising radiation procedures are raising complex and rather difficult issues in terms of appropriateness, justification, legal framing and uniforme practice, issues that classify the medico-legal examinations among emerging public health problem. The paper in a descriptive aproach is reviewing the curent status, dynamics and characteristics of medico-legal exposures, legal international and european framework in the context of national available information and regulatory framework dynamics.
Keywords: Ionizing radiation exposures, medico-legal practices, legal aspects.

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