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Rom J Leg Med21(2)137-148(2013)
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Connection interfaces between neuronal elements and structures inside greater limbic system. Evaluation in forensic psycho-affective pathology

G. Dragoi, P. Melinte, L. Radu

Abstract: The authors achieved a macroanatomic analysis on the location and relations of neuronal structures and elements inside transitional mesocortex and archicortex in order to visualize the connection interfaces of greater limbic system. The analysis was performed on human encephalon using subsystems generally homologated by neuroanatomists: lobus limbicus, hippocampal formation, prefrontal cortex, lobus insularis and subcortical structures. Equally, they performed a research of the literature on the implication of connection interfaces from paralimbic, limbic and archicortex areas, into forensic psycho-affective ortology and pathology. The study draws the attention to time and space development of terminology and homologation of some new concepts bound to multifunctional subsystems such as: medial temporal lobe memory system, prefrontal cortex and limbic midbrain area.
Keywords: greater limbic system, transitional mesocortex, archicortex

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