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Rom J Leg Med21(2)95-100(2013)
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Forensic identification elements with the help of rugoscopy in children

M. Popa, C. Stefanescu, P. Corici

Abstract: Transverse palatine ridges or palatal rugae (RP) are asymmetrical and irregular increases of the mucosa in the anterior third of the palate, from the lateral membrane of the incisive papilla, arranged in transversal direction from the palatine raphe, in medial-sagital plan. The study was performed on 50 maxillary models from the Orthodontist Clinic of the Dental Medicine Faculty, “Ovidius” University Constanta. The models are from children aged 8 up to 17 years old, which were presented to the clinic for different odontal and orthodontic treatments. The scope of this study is to demonstrate the possibility to forensically and odonto-dentally identify through the description of form and biometric characteristics of the palatine rugae, analyzing their prevalence and comparing them with previously obtained results, from a study performed on 72 adult subjects. All types of form were met: angular, circular, undulated and linear. There were no similarities between sexes or the age groups examined; all we can state is that female subjects have generally a larger number of rugae, with a greater variability of forms. The largest number of palatine rugae was found in a boy of 9 years – 22 rugae. Analyzing the entire lot we observed that most of the models present an uneven number of palatine rugae. Comparing with other studies performed on adults the total number average of rugae, indifferent of sex, is larger in children – 12.44 than in adults – 10.43. Palatine rugae are unique for each individual, whether it’s adult or child. In children we encountered form particularities that cannot be included in classic classifications from literature.
Keywords: rugoscopy, forensic identification, palatine rugae, comparative models.

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