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Rom J Leg Med21(1)37-40(2013)
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Two cases of dural sinus thrombosis and review of the literatureinput type=

S. Demircin, M. Atilgan, Y.M. Karagoz

Abstract: Dural sinus thrombosis (DST) may occur due to infection, surgery, hypercoagulability or compression of the sinuses by tumors. DST in the cases of intracranial hematoma may also occur after head injury such that depressed skull fractures or skull fractures that cross the sinus obstruct the blood flow in the sinus. DST is rare with wide range of non-specific signs and symptoms, ranging in severity from mild headache to coma and death. We present two cases of DST in this report and review the literature for this condition which has high risk of morbidity and mortality. The first case was a 16 years old boy hospitalized because of history of headache, nausea and repeated vomiting for two day after a motorcycle traffic accident who died on the third day of his hospitalization. The second case was an 18 years old girl who had a history of upper respiratory infection and diarrhea for four days and died several hours after her admission to emergency service. In both cases, DST was diagnosed at medicolegal autopsy.
Keywords: dural sinus thrombosis, head injury, septic thrombosis.

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