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Rom J Leg Med21(1)23-26(2013)
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An autopsy case of decompression sickness: Hemorrhages in the fat tissue and fat embolism

K. Ninomiya, Y. Ihama, K. Yamagata, M. Fukasawa, T. Nagai, C. Fuke, T. Miyazaki

Abstract: We present an autopsy case of decompression sickness (DCS). A man in his 50s who was a professional diver died of cardiopulmonary arrest on a ship after solo recreational diving with a hookah dive system. Although he was transported to a medical facility, he was confirmed dead approximately 1 h after cardiopulmonary arrest. At autopsy, the following findings were observed: skin discoloration with subcutaneous hemorrhages; diffuse bleeding in the epicardial fat, greater omentum, and mesentery; fat emboli in the kidneys; and numerous bubbles in the blood vessels. These findings, combined with those of the on-scene investigation, led to the conclusion that the subject died of DCS. The deceased had two distinctive findings related to fat: hemorrhages in the fat tissue and fat embolism. We suggest that these findings are vital reactions indicative of DCS.
Keywords: decompression sickness, decompression illness, fat tissue, fat embolism, diving, autopsy.

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