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Rom J Leg Med21(1)15-18(2013)
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Intraoperative death due to nodular amyloidosis cardiomyopathy associated with fat pulmonary embolism

M. Ceausu, L. Luca, S. Hostiuc, D. Sirbu, A. Sirbu, R. Negoi

Abstract: Cardiac amyloidosis is caused by extracellular deposits containing low molecular weight protein subunits arranged in a beta sheet configuration. By gross examination amyloid deposits are identifiable as localized tan, waxy appearing lesions affecting almost always the atria (usually atrial endocardium), valve leaflets, ventricular, but also in the coronary lumen, sometimes leading to severe coronary stenosis. Fat pulmonary embolism is a known complication of femoral fractures, being more frequent in untreated cases compared to those suffering surgical interventions. We present a case in which a female patient with cardiac amyloidosis died on the operating table, the direct cause of death being fat pulmonary emboli, and discuss the involvement of the associated cardiac amyloidosis in thanatogenesys.
Keywords: cardiac amyloidosis, fat embolism, intraoperative death, femoral fracture.

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