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Rom J Leg Med20(4)259-262(2012)
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Death induced by pulmonary thromboembolism after caesarean section: A case report

S. Ozsoy, B. Akduman, M. Karapirli, H. Tugcu

Abstract: Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms are two of the most common venous thromboembolic events which cause maternal death in Western European countries and the United States. In this case study, a 21-year-old woman delivered a healthy 2,600 g male infant via emergency caesarean section due to an indication of fetal distress following the start of her labor with vertex presentation at the 40th gestational week. After being discharged 10 days after her initial hospitalization, she had to be readmitted seven days later and died suddenly. An autopsy was performed to determine the cause of death in the hospital. The autopsy revealed the lumen of both the femoral and popliteal veins were filled with thrombosis while the lumen of the pulmonary arteries were filled with ante-mortem thrombosis. Additionally, histopathological findings consistent with pulmonary thromboembolism were detected. The aim of this report is to emphasize venous thromboembolic events as they relate to cause of death in the postpartum period following caesarean sections.
Keywords: postpartum, deep vein thrombosis, venous thromboembolism, pulmonary embolus, autopsy

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