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Rom J Leg Med20(4)241-246(2012)
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Histopathological characteristics of human cardiac tissues in accidental hypothermia using conventional staining techniques

S. Furukawa, L. Wingenfeld, I. Sakaguchi, T. Nakagawa, A. Takaya, S. Morita, S. Yamasaki, K. Nishi

Abstract: We examined characteristics or cardiac cell damage in the myocardium obtained from individuals who died due to hypothermia or cold water immersion. We could find four kinds of histological changes in the heart tissues obtained from hypothermia and cold water immersion death. Although the red or orange colored cardiac cells, vacuolar cardiac cells and contraction band of the cardiac cells were observed in the heart from individuals with cardiac infarction, the frequency and intensity of the finding was remarkable in hypothermic death, and closely adhered cardiac cells were detected only in the myocardium from hypothermic or cold water immersion death. We additionally discussed the mechanisms of development of these findings by comparing the results obtained in this examination with some reports in the literatures.
Keywords: Hypothermic death, Cardiac cell damages, Conventional stain, Diagnosis of hypothermic death.

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