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Rom J Leg Med20(1)33-36(2012)
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Fatal asphyxia by complete laryngeal obstruction due to chewing-gum aspiration in an adult woman.

Nunziata Barbera, V. Arcifa, V. Valenti, G. Spadaro, S. Tomasello, G. Romano

Abstract: In the present study, a 42 y.o. woman lethal case by aspiration of a foreign body is reported. During the autopsy, a large chewing-gum piece was found above the aditus ad laringem, so as to completely obstruct its access, causing a lethal respiratory insufficiency. The anatomopathological exam of the lungs showed the signs of acute asphyxia. The toxicological analyses of blood and urine samples were negative for drugs and/or ethanol. An accurate literature study allowed to show that this case represents the second lethal event related to the aspiration of a chewing gum in an adult subject, and the first related to the complete obstruction of the aditus ad laringem.
Keywords: lethal asphyxia, complete laryngeal obstruction, choking, chewing-gum

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