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Rom J Leg Med18(3)231-236(2010)
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Drugs effects on the central nervous system. Forensic implications

D. Popescu, G. Popescu, G. Lupu, V. Panus, S. Neagu-Sadoveanu, O. Buda

Abstract: Addiction is a wide spread term used in our days. Some of the habits due to routine conditioning are called dependences, i.e.: eating shopping etc. These are fundamentally different of those due to chronic alcohol intake, drugs medicines (chemicals), with euphoric effect. For this reason some physicians prefer the term of addiction to drug. Unlike the benign addiction, by conditioning, drugs addiction initiates very fast (after 1 or 2 intakes), had a big resistance at treatment and show the phenomena of sever disturbance in withdrawal. In this paper we refer mainly at this kind of dependency. Nervous disturbances that are produced during drugs and even alcohol intakes refer to psychical affective and cognitive processes. The prevailing factor of these processes is the hedonist one.
Keywords: Addiction, Neural mechanisms, Forensic evaluation

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