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Rom J Leg Med18(3)213-216(2010)
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Liability in plastic surgery. A Romanian forensic perspective

E. Vasalos, D. Dermengiu, A. Salem, S. Hostiuc

Abstract: Plastic and cosmetic surgery covers a wide range of medical interventions, dealing with either restoration of form and function or enhancing morphological characteristics. Objective complications in plastic surgery are rare as the mortality is very low, vital organs are rarely affected, and the patients are usually healthy (the purpose being usually corporal enhancement not repair). Recently an increasing number of malpractice cases had gained mass-media attention, leading to a nationwide and even international debate about the standards of healthcare in Romania. The purpose of this study is to determine the main characteristics of plastic surgery malpractice cases in Romania. Malpractice claims in plastic surgery were analyzed on a four year period (2006-2010); the cases found (13) were analyzed by using descriptive statistical methods. The study group included eight males and five females, with a medium age of 40 years; cases were divided into traumatic, cosmetic and non-traumatic. The main reason for malpractice claims was related to a medical care deficit followed by procedure deficit. Most malpractice claims were in agendo only three being ommissive and are usually due to medical negligence.
Keywords: Plastic surgery, Malpractice claims, Liability, Malpractice

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