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Rom J Leg Med18(3)207-212(2010)
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Morphological analysis of dental implants – forensic significance

A. Byraki, A.V. Costea, D. Dermengiu, G.C. Curcă, S. Hostiuc

Abstract: Dental implants became in the last 15-20 years a very common procedure with minimal risks and a continually decreasing price tag. Dental evidences are one of the most widely used tools in forensic identifications having some obvious advantages: a low cost, human teeth are the best preserved body parts, past dental records are often available, and dental characteristics are unique to each individual. Dental implants, throughout their morphological characteristics give a supplementary layer of evidence during odontological identification, increasing the chances for a positive proof of identity. In this short presentation we will highlight the most useful charactestistics of dental for medical legal practice.
Keywords: Dental implants, Forensic identification, Forensic odontology, Radiodensity

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