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Rom J Leg Med18(3)203-206(2010)
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Atypical Trajectory of a Thoracoabdominal Gunshot Injury without Penetration

M. Gümüş, A. Böyük, H. Gümüş, M. Kapan, A. Önder

Abstract: Atypical trajectories of gunshot injuries are a major problem in forensic pathology. Thoracoabdominal gunshot injuries represent some of the most challenging injuries. A 25 years-old man applied to emergency department in consequence of multiple gunshot wounds. Thoracoabdominal helical computed tomography (CT) no injury at the intrabdominal and intrathoracic tissues. There was only a subcutenous tissue laceration of 50 cm in length, through from thoracic to abdominal walls. The patient medically managed and no surgical intervention was performed due to thoracoabdominal injury. In conclusion a trajectory of gunshot may not always be straight as is in our case. Helical CT is a useful tool in determining the real trajectory and therefore reduces the ratio of unnecessary surgical interventions.
Keywords: Gunshot injury, thoracic wall, intraabdominal, penetration

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