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Rom J Leg Med18(3)199-202(2010)
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Refrigeration-induced skull base fracture: three autopsy cases

M. Liang, L. Yan, A. Sunnassee, N. Zheng, Z. Haidong, L. Zhuo, L. Liang

Abstract: Three cases of death are described where all the refrigerated skull of corpses showed cranial base fracture. A question arose whether these fractures were caused by head injury. As the details were clear and both autopsy and relative pathological findings displayed nothing positive, it was presumed that the cranial base fracture was due to the expansion of brain volume and increased intracranial pressure after refrigeration. And the evidence showed that the suspicious fracture was to be classified as an uncommon refrigeration-induced post-mortem artefact.
Keywords: forensic pathology, refrigerated human corpse, skull base fracture, refrigeration-induced artefact

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