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Rom J Leg Med18(3)183-188(2010)
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Sudden cardiac death in non-atherosclerotic and noninflamatory intimal cellular proliferations. A case report

D. Dermengiu, G.C. Curcă, N. Sârbu, S. Hostiuc, M. Ceauşu

Abstract: Non-atherosclerotic and non-inflammatory intimal cellular proliferations are considered a nonhomogenous group of pathological diseases usually affecting small and medium caliber arteries; they are mostly idiopathic and it is believed that some types are precursor processes in the pathogenic chain of atherosclerosis. Fibromuscular dysplasia is defined as an idiopathic, segmentary, non-inflammatory and non-atherosclerotic condition of the arterial walls, leading to stenosis in small and medium arteries. Although the etiology is unknown, potential causes may include platelet derived growth factor, fibroblastic growth factor, epidermal growth factor, kinins, angiotensin type II anomalies. The correlation between fibromuscular dysplasia and sudden cardiac death isn’t often found, only nine cases being reported in the scientific literature in the last years. We present in this article five cases of sudden cardiac death associated with fibromuscular dysplasia and discuss some of its characteristics.
Keywords: Sudden cardiac death, Intimal cellular proliferations, Growth factors

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