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Rom J Leg Med18(3)179-182(2010)
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Extralobar pulmonary sequestration. An autopsy case

S. Furukawa, A. Takaya, T. Nakagawa, I. Sakaguchi, K. Nishi

Abstract: We encountered at forensic autopsy a rare anomalous case of extralobar pulmonary sequestration in the thorax. The anomalous tissue had its own visceral pleura and was located under the lower lobe of the lung in the left thoracic cavity of a 34-year-old male victim. It had no vascular or airway connection to the normal lung. However, it had vascular branches from the thoracic aorta and hemiazygos vein. Its long diameter was 8.5 cm; its short diameter, 8.0 cm; and its height, 3.0 cm. It weighed 75.0 g. Histological examination detected blood vessels, nerve cells, lymph nodes, lumens of various shapes, and alveoli in the tissue. This showed that the mass had the same structure as lung tissue. Based on these findings, the anomalous tissue was clearly an extralobar pulmonary sequestration.
Keywords: Extralobar pulmonary sequestration, Forensic autopsy, Histological findings

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