Aims and Scope

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Aims and Scope

The Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine, the official publication of the Romanian Legal Medicine Society, is devoted to the publication of the original investigations, observations, scholarly inquiries and reviews in the various branches of the forensic sciences. 

These include forensic pathology and histochemistry, clinical forensic medicine, medical malpractice, traffic medicine, chemistry, biochemistry, thanatochemistry, clinical and forensic toxicology, alcohology, biology (including the identification of hairs and fibres), the physical sciences, firearms, and document examination, physical anthropology, serology, forensic genetics and paternity (with special emphasis on recent advances in DNA technology and PCR), forensic psychiatry and behavioral sciences, forensic odontology, law and ethics, history of forensic sciences. RJLM also includes similar submissions dealing with forensic-oriented aspects of the social science and the area where science and medicine interact with the law.

RJLM publishes:

* Original Research Papers - recent research results in forensic sciences;
* Review Articles - tracing development in specific areas and providing up-to-date analysis of them;
* Case Reports - describing interesting and exceptional cases, with new information for the readers;
* Letters to the Editor - a forum for readers having the opportunity of expressing their comments on new results reported or on other forensic matters;
* Technical Notes - innovative protocols and methodologies,oaths, normative documents, law regulations or de lege ferenda, in various fields of legal medicine and ethics with proposal, presentation, discussions;
* Book Reviews.

RJLM seeks to monitor, discuss, influence and improve the standards of legal medicine and forensic research by providing a platform for rapid publication of original contributions.

Permissions (in writing) to reprint, republish or otherwise reproduce the materials published in this periodical must be obtained from the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine.

All published articles, including editorials, letters and reviews represent the opinion of the authors and do not necessary represent the official policy of the publisher or the institution with which the authors are affiliated, unless clearly specified.


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