Dear authors, the high esteemed Editor of the Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine, our dear colleague and friend, prof. Dan Dermengiu, passed away tragically in July.
In August a reorganisation of the editorial board took place and now the Journal is once again prepared to continue and to manifest itself as an indexed Journal in the scientific field.
Please excuse short delays if any in issue 3 September timing.

Editor-in-chief professor George Cristian Curca


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Romanian Society of Legal Medicine as its official Journal

George Cristian Curca

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Vladimir Belis

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The Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine aims to restore a long standing tradition that began in 1884 when Professor Alexandru Sutzu (1837-1919) established his ephemeral "Journal of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine". In 1936, Professor Nicolae Minovici (1868-1941) founded the Legal Medicine Association and published the"Journal of Legal Medicine" that can be considered the first forensic periodical of academic quality in Romania. The journal mirrored the achievements of the "Minovici School" of forensic medicine until 1940, when, during the Second World War, it came to an abrupt end. In 1961, the "Documentary Bulletin for Judicial Medicine and Criminalistics" was published by Professor Ioan Moraru (1927-1989); although with a limited circulation, the Journal survived 10 years,becoming a tribune that established a professional link between Romanian forensic experts. In 1971, the Bulletin suffered more than a cosmetic transformation, changing its title to: "Problems of Legal Medicine and Criminalistics" and improving both its graphic quality and scientific standards. The last years of the communist regime were marked by the 1985 demolition of the Bucharest Institute of Legal Medicine, built in 1892 under the supervision of the founder of the modern Romanian medico-legal system, Professor Mina Minovici (1858-1933). The publication of the journal was once again discontinued. A promising new era had begun for us, and the rejuvenated Romanian Journal ofLegal Medicine, reestablished in 1993, can be looked upon as asymbol of our tradition, hopes and ideals.

The peer-reviewed Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine ispublished quarterly by the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine, Sos.Vitan-Birzesti 9, Bucharest 042122, Romania, and is the officialpublication of the Society. The editing of RJLM iscarried out with the assistance of a Board appointed by theEditor-in-Chief. It is intended that the Journal reflect the full rangeof scientific contributions in the many different scientific disciplinespertaining to the forensic sciences.

The editorial policy encourages prompt publication of papers, withinless than 3 months of average after submission of manuscript.
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