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RJLM aims to restore a long-standing tradition of scientific publishing activity in legal medicine in Romania. In 1884 Professor Alexandru Sutzu (1837-1919), a prominent psychiatrist and forensic pathologist, founded his short-lived Journal of Psychiatry and Legal Medicine.

In 1890, professor Mina Minovici (1858-1933,) known as the father of the institutional legal medicine system in Romania. split legal medicine from psychiatry become the first professor of legal medicine both at the Faculty of Medicine from University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila in Bucharest, as at the Faculty of Law from the University of Bucharest. Since then legal medicine is teaching continuously to both Universities. 
In 1892, Mina Minovici founded the City Morgue which he rename in 1897 as the Medico-legal Institute, an up to date and well-known forensic and legal medicine institution in Europe at that time. Mina Minovici published in 1928 its vast and first Complete Treatise of Legal Medicine in our country, "the fruit of my meditation in a life-time" as himself stated.

However, it was his brother, professor Nicolae Minovici (1868-1941), a forensic medicine specialist also, who founded in 1936 the scientific and professional organization of Legal Medicine Society with its Journal of Legal Medicine as the official Journal of the Society, the very first publication devoted to legal medicine. The Journal became instantly the  platform for speciality until 1940, when it came to an abrupt end due to the Second World War. 

A gap followed in the communist era until 1961. Between 1961-1981 a new publication of legal medicine emerged named as "Documentary Bulletin for Judicial Medicine and Criminalistics", renamed after 1981 as "Problems of Legal medicine and Criminalistics". In 1985 legal medicine system suffered a serious blow in our country when the Institute of Legal Medicine the head of the national legal medicine system was demolished by the political regime of that time: the archive of the Institution put in jeopardize, legal medicine was scattered in Bucharest among hospitals, the medico-legal system in itself remained without a direct authority, Legal Medicine Society as the professional society and all scientific publications were closed. 

With immense efforts and large support from the Ministry of Health, Ministry of justice , Ministry of Internal affairs and Public Ministry,  a new Institution is set up in 1989, the National Institute of Legal medicine Mina Minovici, the actual building that hosts legal medicine activity in Bucharest. 
In 1993 a new promising era began when Legal Medicine Society reorganized as the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine, with its rejuvenated Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine as an official Journal, a rebirth from the ashes of the Society and its Journal of Legal Medicine of Nicolae Minovici from 1936-1940. In 2000 a special legislation is set up to regulate legal medicine activity, the decentralization of the system emerged, and the institution of the official and private expert was settled. Well renown merits as a law making, organizer of the national legal medicine system, president of the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine, director of the National Institute of Legal Medicine Mina Minovici in Bucharest and editor in chief of the Journal comes to professor Vladimir Belis honorary member of the Romanian Academy and presently emeritus editor of the Journal.   
Year after year, the scientific standards of the Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine rose until 2007 when it become indexed in the ISI Thomson Reuters database. 
The Journal has been recently reorganized in August 2016, 2017 and 2018. A new editorial board is determined to work hard to keep the Journal on its ascending course, so it can continue to manifest itself prominently in the scientific and publishing world.

It is our intention that the RJLM should reflect all forensic and legal medicine specialties (forensic medicine and pathology, clinical legal medicine, forensic serology and genetics, forensic toxicology, forensic psychiatry, forensic anthropology, identification, mass disasters, etc.), and many other topics such as investigation and causes of death, suicide, death in custody, torture, prejudice evaluation, child abuse and interpersonal violence, domestic violence, casualty, professional decision making, malpractice issues, medical ethics, research ethics, consent, confidentiality, patient-doctor relationship issues, euthanasia, human rights, etc. 

Legal medicine has scientific connections with many other medical specialties, such as cardiology, ophthalmology, surgery, pathology, anesthesiology, plastic surgery, etc., either due to the need to determine the cause of death or triggered by professional litigation claims. The peer-reviewed Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine is published quarterly by the Romanian Society of Legal Medicine as its official publication. The editing of RJLM is carried out with the assistance of a Board appointed by the Editor-in-chief. We value and honor our Professors, their experience and their strive to pass on to the younger generations the scientific legacy of this specialty. 

The Romanian Journal of Legal Medicine can be looked upon as a scientific symbol of our tradition, hopes and ideals such as justice, scientific truth, the protection of vulnerable persons and human rights.
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